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I AM, a 7-week Series

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We’ve finished our I AM series. In this journey, we explored Jesus’ 7 “I Am” statements in the book of John. If you missed any of the sermons or you’d like to go back through the journey, here are the sermons:

“I AM: The Bread of Life”
John 6:22-59 (Listen Here)
6/23/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“I AM: The Door”
John 10:1-10 (Listen Here)
6/30/2019, Justin Davis (Guest Preacher)

“I AM: The Light of the World”
John 8:12-20 (Listen Here)
7/7/2019, Brett Brandewie (Guest Preacher)

“I AM: The Good Shepherd”
John 10:11-18 (Listen Here)
7/14/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“I AM: The Resurrection and the Life”
John 11:25 (Listen Here)
7/21/2019, Dr. Josh Seafkow (Guest Preacher)

“I AM: The Way, the Truth, and the Life”
John 14:16 (Listen Here)
7/28/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“I AM: The True Vine”
John 15:1-17 (Listen Here)
8/4/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

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