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We VALUE . . .

The Word

We believe the Bible is God’s Word.  The Bible is our primary text and final authority for our faith and practice.  We believe it is through the Bible’s message that we come to know Jesus and grow in him.  We desire to faithfully teach the Bible in all settings and groups inside and outside the church.



We confess that God desires a relationship with his people.  Prayer is one way in which we communicate with God.  Therefore, we value frequent, regular, and honest corporate and individual prayer. 



Christ is better known and made known through gospel-centered worship.  We hold that God is the only one worthy of our praise; therefore, we seek to praise God alone, with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Both corporate and individual worship is how we express our love for our Savior. 


As we seek to know God better and love God more we will grow as his disciples.  We will be conformed more and more to the mind and will of God and the image of Christ. Each of us is on a growth journey as a disciple of Jesus that does not end until our coming glorification in the Lord.  Therefore, we continue to move forward in this journey together as a church and encourage both believers and the lost to do the same.