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We use Redeeming Life Q&A to answer your questions. Ask us about the Bible, faith, theology, current events and timely issues of the day, past sermons, classes, videos, things we've said or done, or even just things your curious about.   

You may ask questions by completing the box below.  And be sure to check back often for answered questions in our Q&A sessions.  

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In addition, we did a series of 1-hour live videos we called Redeeming Life: LIVE.  In these live sessions, we took your questions (live or previously sent in) and tried to answer them.  You can find these videos here

Why is your church building in a warehouse complex?

Why are you praying for the neighborhood and what’s up with the door hangers?

How does the gospel speak into tragic news in the community?

Do you believe everything in the Bible?

Why don’t you do verse-by-verse preaching?

What’s the best Bible reading plan?

What is a Faith-Family?

What do you mean by, “Redeeming Salt Lake by the power of the Gospel?”

Why do believers need to go to church services?

Why does God allow people to die from cancer?

Are drums and electric guitars irreverent for Christian worship music?

What should I think about the Bible footnotes that say “Early manuscripts do not contain this verse”?