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As we seek to grow closer to Jesus and see his transforming power in our lives, we must be devoted to the Word of God, prayer, breaking bread, and fellowship with others.  One way to help us do this is to meet together throughout the week in smaller groups.  We call these Fellowship Groups. 


These Fellowship Groups meet in a variety of places depending on the size and dynamics of the group. Homes, coffee shops, break rooms, parks, restaurants, etc.  

Fellowship Group leaders might discuss the previous week's sermon or introduce and facilitate a discussion of a Bible passage that will be preached on the following Sunday worship gathering. Or the Fellowship Group might journey through a book of the Bible or some other study.  Theses discussions however, are only a small part of what life in a Fellowship Group looks like. 

In addition, the Fellowship Groups spend time with one another, loving and serving each other, praying together, and helping each member know Jesus better and love him more.  They serve the community together.  They play and have fun as well as help each other carry burdens.  Sometimes they share meals around a table that's full of laughter, tears, and the various other sounds of life.  We hope that as members of God's family, our Fellowship Groups feel like family. We pray you'll consider joining one!

If you're interested in joining a Fellowship Groups, the best way to jump in is to fill out the form below and we'll see what we can do to introduce you to some Fellowship Group leaders. 


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