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"Be Strong in the Grace of Christ" (2 Timmothy 2:1-26)

Continuing in our study, “Stay the Course,” through 2 Timothy, we once again see the power and magnitude of the gospel. In today’s text, we see that Christ’s salvation produces our faith, and our good works are a result of our salvation and faith. Pastor Bryan preached 2 Timothy 2. Because of the gospel, we see how we can and should live, but let us not forget the gospel. It’s of the utmost importance. Pastor Bryan also explored the desire to share the gospel and the trouble with false teachers and false gospels we still believe. Listen to his sermon, “Be Strong in Christ’s Grace” here:

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Stay the Course: "Rekindle Your Faith" (2 Tim. 1)

In our new series, “Stay the Course,” Pastor Bryan preached 2 Timothy 1. Paul’s letter to Timothy is pastoral but he opens with an encouragement to rekindle and guard the faith. Timothy needed some encouragement, very much like most of us. Faith is the foundation and our ministry is the overflow of Christ in our life, pouring into others. Listen to Pastor Bryan’s sermon, “Rekindle Your Faith” (2 Timothy 1:1-18) here:

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Financial Peace University


We’re joining up with Britney and Jason McNair (LifePoint Church, Farmington) to offer Financial Peace University at Redeeming Life. Britney McNair and Patrick Miller (from Redeeming Life) will co-facilitate the course.

When: Tuesday nights, 6:30 - 8 PM, September 10th through November 5th
Where: Redeeming Life Church Building

Childcare: Jason McNair is providing childcare for kiddos Kindergarten age and under. Pastor Bryan and Lisa are leading a kid’s and youth night for any kids first grade through senior high. (Please be aware, the Kid's and Youth Night is a Christian event and will be engaging in biblical and Christian content.)

In order to participate in Financial Peace University, you must register and pay for the course through their website. Follow this link to sign up:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.

Dessert and Discussion (For the Next 4 Weeks)

For the next four weeks, we'll be gathering to enjoy dessert and a discussion centered around 2 Timothy.  It will be a fun, laid back, discussion-driven format.  Kids are welcome to join us.  (If we have a volunteer to help, we may have the little ones play in the nursery or toddler room to make it easier on the smaller children.) 

While I'll also be preaching out of 2 Timothy on Sunday morning for the next four weeks (minus the week Michael Cooper is preaching), the discussions won't require hearing the sermon.  Even if you can’t join us on Sunday mornings, you’re welcome to hang out with us at our dessert and discussion. We just want us to fellowship around food and the Word of God as we finish up the summer.   I hope you'd like to do that too.  

When: Sunday nights, 7 PM
Where: The Redeeming Life Church Building

See you there! 
Pastor Bryan  

Is Now the Time to Accuse God?

It's painful to hear about mass shootings like the two most recent tragedies pouring across our news screens. We've also had recent drive-by incidents in Rose Park. The news circus camped outside one house for a few days as we all pondered the horror of what must have happened in the home and backyard. These shocking events pile upon the regular appearances of a strung-out man on the street corner, screaming at passing cars or a woman stumbling around in the road with her pants around her ankles.

It would be easy to check out, get angry, or become a fearful recluse. Somewhere deep down, we argue with God. We shout, if only in our prayers, "Don't you care God!?!"

But let us not forget the moment the disciples shouted those same words to Jesus.

They were in a storm so severe they knew they were going to die. It was over. Mark 4:37 records that the waves were so big they were dumping into the boat. The eyewitnesses said the boat was swamped. It was going to sink. The wind was ripping across the water, the storm was raging, and they were going to die. Where was Jesus? Asleep on a cushion in the stern of the boat.

It's easy to see this picture because that's often how our life in the storm feels. And what did the disciples do? They woke Jesus up to accuse him. They were ready to blame him.

"Teacher! Don't you care that we're going to die?" they blasted Jesus.

In the next verse (39), he got up and rebuked both the wind and the disciples. To the wind, he said, "Silence," and it stopped. To the disciples, he asked, "Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?"

After the storm was subdued, they were terrified. Maybe now the disciple's fear was more significant than before because they knew they were in the presence of God. It seems the better thing to say to Jesus would have been to ask him to save them (without an accusation). "Lord, help us!"

In the aftermath of yet another shooting, more drug addiction, anger toward one another over politics, and the raging storm that's rocking your boat, you have a choice. Accuse God. Or better yet, cry out to God, "Lord, help us!" And maybe we will get a glimpse of his power and glory as the disciples did. Pray. And in your prayer, ask, "Lord, help us."

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan

I AM, a 7-week Series

I Am Banner.jpg

We’ve finished our I AM series. In this journey, we explored Jesus’ 7 “I Am” statements in the book of John. If you missed any of the sermons or you’d like to go back through the journey, here are the sermons:

“I AM: The Bread of Life”
John 6:22-59 (Listen Here)
6/23/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“I AM: The Door”
John 10:1-10 (Listen Here)
6/30/2019, Justin Davis (Guest Preacher)

“I AM: The Light of the World”
John 8:12-20 (Listen Here)
7/7/2019, Brett Brandewie (Guest Preacher)

“I AM: The Good Shepherd”
John 10:11-18 (Listen Here)
7/14/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“I AM: The Resurrection and the Life”
John 11:25 (Listen Here)
7/21/2019, Dr. Josh Seafkow (Guest Preacher)

“I AM: The Way, the Truth, and the Life”
John 14:16 (Listen Here)
7/28/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“I AM: The True Vine”
John 15:1-17 (Listen Here)
8/4/2019, Pastor Bryan Catherman

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I AM: The True Vine (John 15:1-17)

Jesus said he is the True Vine. He also said his Father is the Gardner and we are his branches. Jesus provides all that makes it possible for us to produce fruit. And when there’s fruit, there’s also some pruning so that there can be more fruit. In Pastor Bryan’s sermon, “I AM: The True Vine” (John 15:1-17), he looks at what it means to be pruned, to abide in Christ, and produce fruit. What is the fruit? What are we actually supposed to to do follow Jesus? Fortunately for us, Jesus explains further and Pastor Bryan looks at that too. Listen to the sermon here:

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Our Next Series: "Stay the Course"

We're finishing up our "I AM" series this morning.  It's been a good series.  

For the next four weeks, we'll be working out way through 2 Timothy.  It's possibly Paul's last letter in the Bible and in it is a great encouragement to Timothy to embrace his calling and then fulfill his calling.  There are a number of encouragements to Timothy, many of them are about persevering in light of challenges, holding on to the gospel, and proclaiming the gospel.   Some of those challenges were even coming from inside the faith-family, both for Paul in Rome and Timothy in Ephesus.  (It's one thing to get your teeth kicked in from the far-from-Jesus world around you, but it's a different thing altogether when it comes from inside the faith-family. . . the home team.)  Paul understood this and he encouraged Timothy.  And Paul expresses the significance of knowing, living, and proclaiming the gospel.  

It's a good epistle and a good encouragement in challenging times.  I'd like to encourage you to take some time to read it a couple times this week. It's short; it won't take long.  And start praying that God will use our next 4-week series, "Stay the Course" to encourage and equip you and our church.  

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan 

P.S.> For you over achievers, we'll be in a series in Ezra from September until Christmas and then we'll be in a long series in the Gospel of Mark.  Start reading through these books and please be praying for me as I prepare for these upcoming journeys into God's Word.  

"I AM: The Way, Truth, and Life" (John 14:6)

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through me.” That’s a bold claim! It’s also a wonderful summary of the gospel of Christ. In context, the thrust of this statement is that Jesus is the way. He’s the way because he’s the truth and the life. Pastor Bryan Catherman opened to John 13:31-John 14:14 to look at John 14:6 in context. Listen to his sermon, “I AM: The Way The Truth, and the Life” from John 14:6 here:

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Q&A: Why the "Praying for You" Door Hangers?

[R] Q&A_mic.jpg

You might be aware that we pray for our neighbors, a lot. We hang door hangers on the doors where we’ve prayed. We ask people how we can pray for them or their neighborhoods. Mission teams come and help us with this work. My kids love doing this work. Why do we do it?

First, I suppose because we believe that God has called us to love our neighbors as he has loved us (John 13:31-35). That’s a tall order when you think about how he loved us when we were sinners. And while we can serve our friends, we don’t necessarily know everyone in our city. They don’t all come to church services. We only know a few people from our work places and the coffee shops. And we haven’t yet met all of our neighbors out at the grocery store or in the parks. So we love and serve those we know and we use this outreach method to love and serve those we’ve yet to meet. It would be wonderful if we had a personal relationship with everyone, but we don’t. So for now, this is how we try to bless and love our neighbors. Maybe we’ll do it differently in the future.

Second, we’ve seen God’s timing in this effort. There are many times when people don’t seem interested in prayer or that we’ve come by; but there have been many times when people tell us they were just laid off or just diagnosed with cancer or just were hit with some other crisis. It’s almost shocking that in their moment of fear or struggle, we knock on their down and ask how we can pray. It’s amazing to see God’s timing for a hurting person who Jesus loves. He sent us to be his ambassadors, to offer encouragement and hope. So that’s what we’re faithfully trying to do.

And finally (although there may be many other reasons), we get to enter into the joy of Christ as we go with him on his mission for our city. We get to see Jesus working and it grows us. It stretches us. And we find joy in it. I’ve lost count how many missionaries have traveled to Salt Lake, done this prayer work with us, and been moved by God to serve the Lord in many ways in their own hometowns or on other mission trips. It is a blessing for those households we pray for; but it’s also a great blessing for us. And it’s filled with joy.

So that’s why we do it.

Is it the most effective thing we can do? I don’t know. Some would say no. But I know it’s better to pray with our neighbors than do nothing to be a blessing to them. With the help of the mission teams, we’ve prayed with our neighbors about 100,000 times, that is, we’ve printed and handed out about that many door hangers over the past four years. I don’t know how we’d have had that kind of ability praying for people if we stayed in our comfortable boxes and made no effort to stand with our neighbors in prayer to stand in the gap for them.

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan

Below is a Q&A video that might help answer the question.

Why Pray and Why the Door Hangers?