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Bible Study and Prayer on Sunday Mornings

Starting September 9th, Pastor Bryan will lead a study through the book of Hebrews. This will be a verse-by-verse, section-by-section study and lecture from a side of our pastor we don't see too often--Dr. Catherman.  There will be handouts and he's planning on setting up the whiteboard each week.  

Following the study, we'll have time for corporate prayer.  Then enjoy some time to catch up and chat with the faith-family before the 11am service.  

The Redeeming Life Youth will mirror the study and prayer, only Pastor Derek is taking them on a journey through the book of Luke.  They'll also have some prayer time together.  Lisa will watch RightNow videos and play Bible-based games with the K-6th graders.  They'll also have prized for memorizing Scripture and they too will have some corporate prayer time.  And there will be child care for the Pre-K kids too.  

Starting September 9th. 
Sundays, 9:30am
Redeeming Life Church
2070 N. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City