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On the Eve of Christmas Eve, we will look at the story of the Magi searching for The King of the Jews and the Savior of the World. Why were these people from far off searching?  Where were they looking?  What did they find?  We call this worship gathering our Eve of Eve service. 

In our Christmas Eve morning service, we will see why Jesus' birth was such a big deal, then and now.  It's so much more than the trappings of a holiday that often misses the magnitude. 

We hope you'll join us for our Christmas series on December 10 and 17, as well as our Eve of Eve service on the 23rd and our Christmas Eve service on Sunday morning.  Let's explore the reality and wonder of Jesus together!

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"God's Sanctuary"
Exodus 25:1-9 (Listen Here
12/10/2017 Pastor Bryan Catherman

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