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“The Law Fulfilled”
Matthew 5:17-20 (Listen Here)
9/16/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“Back the Fundamentals”
Exodus 20:3 (Listen Here)
9/23/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“The Second Commandment”
Exodus 20:4-6 (Listen Here)
9/30/2018, Dr. Travis Kerns (Guest Preacher)

“The Third Commandment”
Exodus 20:7 (Listen Here)
10/7/2018, Dr. Michael Cooper (Guest Preacher)

“Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy”
Exodus 20:8-11 (Listen Here)
10/14/2018, Pastor Brett Ricley

“Honor Your Parents”
Exodus 20:12 (Listen Here)
10/21/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“Do Not Murder”
Exodus 20:13 (Listen Here)
10/28/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

“Do Not Commit Adultery
Exodus 20:14 (Listen Here)
11/4/2018, Pastor Jason Benson (Guest Preacher)

“Do Not Steal”
Exodus 20:15 (Listen Here)
11/11/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

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