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Everyone is on a journey. Whether you’re new to Christianity, or you’ve been walking with Jesus for a long time, everyone should be engaged in the daily process of becoming more like Jesus.

The first step in your journey is to become a follower of Jesus and be baptized. After you’ve committed your life to Jesus and been baptized you will embark on a lifelong journey of following Jesus!

In order to help you grow into spiritual maturity, we’ve outlined a pathway and a few steps that we believe can be the means through which God will use to grow you and mature your faith.

Here are the 5 primary areas where your next steps will be:

Each step has a dedicated page to help you with the specific resources, tools, and "how to's" to help you begin taking your next step right away.

This is what the Christian journey looks like at Redeeming Life Church and we're are excited you are with us on this incredible journey of faith!