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United for the Gospel - A New Series in Philippians

Redeeming Life,

We've started a new series called "United for the Gospel."  Over the next four weeks we'll be in the Book of Philippians.  I'm excited about this, but I'm also excited that we had Benjamin Pierce preaching this morning.

We value team ministry at Redeeming Life.  In the Bible they did things two-by-two or even more-by-two.  Paul brought different strengths and perspectives than Barnabas.  Barnabas brought what Paul didn't have.  God brought the two together for his mission and did more with them together than they might have done separately.  Later God partnered Barnabas with Mark and Paul with Silas.  And remember when Jesus sent the disciples out two-by-two.  We believe the same is true of us.  We value team ministry.

So this morning, Benjamin Pierce was in the pulpit sharing from Philippians 1.  Benjamin is a bi-vocational volunteer.  Like Paul, he's a tent-maker; except Benjamin's tents are bicycles and rather than making them, he works in a warehouse at Bike-Wagon.  Benjamin is also a seminary student, working on an M.Div with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

If you missed us this morning, you can listen to Benjamin's sermon here and you can find all of our sermons here or subscribe to our sermons on iTunes here

We'd love to have you join us on Sunday mornings at 11 at the Northwest Community Center.

As I listened to Benjamin, I wondered how many others are among our congregation who will one day step into a pulpit and preach.  How many will lead worship?  How many laborers might be outside of Salt Lake who will come here, work with us, and serve The King of Kings?  (If that's you, we'd love to hear from you!)

There are so many ways to serve and it's so good to do it in team.   And as we were challenged by Benjamin this morning, let's do it with great joy as we seek Christ.

Soli Deo gloria!

Pastor Bryan