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It's Coming Together


Church family,

There are a lot of pieces to put together when it comes to planting a church.  Yes, we want it to be all about making disciples and gathering them into a church. Getting out over 1,000 gospel messages and invitations in 3 days is a good start and we hope to continue.  But there are occasionally some details required on the organizational side of things.

Today, we put another piece in the puzzle.  As of today, the US government recognizes Redeeming Life Church as a legal organization.  In the coming days and weeks we'll be getting our own bank account, insurance, CCLI, license and a number of other things we've been borrowing from our sending church, Risen Life.  We'll still have the borrowed Elders for a while and of course we're still thrilled to have Dave doing our accounting.  But more pieces are in place and we're seeing the bigger picture.

As of today, we still can't accept giving checks written to "Redeeming Life Church" because we have yet to set up our bank account.  That's coming soon, but please be patient.  We still need to write checks to "Risen Life Church" with "Redeeming Life" in the memo line.  And we're still using Risen Life's The City, although we'll have our own The City soon too.

Keep praying for all these little pieces, and please keep praying for our efforts to make disciples and gather them into a local church.

Soli Deo gloria!

Pastor Bryan