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Welcome to the Family!

From Left to Right: Pastor Bryan, Bobby, Tracy, and Zak
On February 8th, Redeeming Life witnessed a dead man come to life.  We saw Bobby submit to God and give his life to Jesus.  For that we praise God.  Welcome to the family Bobby!

It's nothing short of a miracle that God would make his enemies his children.  How does God do it?

Through our death with Jesus Christ in his death, and in our resurrection with Jesus in his resurrection, we are given a new heart and the Holy Spirit takes up residence within us. (This was the subject of last week's sermon.)  It's an amazing thing and it's the only way we can have peace with God.  It's the gospel and it's true.

But this doesn't just happen for all people automatically.  This free gift of God must be received and it's as easy as the ABCs.

A. You need to admit that you are a sinner and not at peace with God. Romans 3 says we have all fallen short of his expectations.  The Bible says the punishment is death and an eternity apart from God. Our sin puts enmity between us and God.  It leaves us with no peace. You need to admit that you have sinned against God.

B. You need to believe that Jesus is who he says he is. He is God and the Savior of the world. You need to believe that he died in your place on the cross to bring peace between you and your Creator. And declaring victory over death, he rose again on the third day. John 1 says that if you believe in his name, he’ll give you the right to be a child of God.  He will save you.  You need to believe it's true.

C. You need to confess that Jesus is Lord. Romans 10 says if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord you will be saved. What you’re saying in this confession is that you what Jesus in the driver’s seat. He calls all the shots.  When you give lordship to Jesus you give him control over every single aspect of your life. He can’t be Lord of some of you. He needs to be Lord over all parts of your life.

And you need to have this conversation with God.  It's called prayer.  Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and start talking to God.  Admit to him who you are, a sinner.  Tell him you believe who he is, the sovereign God of the Universe and his Savior of the world. And you need to confess that he is the Lord your life, calling the shots from this point forward.  If you do this, you're life will never be the same.  You'll be a friend of Jesus and you'll begin to find peace with God.  You'll be saved--and go from death to life, from darkness into the light.

If you've had this conversation with God and are wondering what to do next, or if you'd like to discuss this more, please contact us.  We'd love to pray with you and assist you in your new journey with Jesus Christ.