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Zak Harris and Hungry for Life

Redeeming Life Church,

Most of you know Zak, Tracy, and Noel.  And I'm guessing most of you know that Zak is raising support so he can engage in ministry with an organization called Hungry for Life.

Hungry for Life is a unique organization in that seeks to address the needs of pointless suffering around the world.  Their goal is to connect different indigenous ministries and churches in third-world, developing countries with North American churches.  Risen Life Church's two trips to Guatemala to serve along side Iglesia Galileia serve as a good example. Here's a video from the second trip.

Working as a virtual missions department for churches in North America, Hungry for Life has developed what they call the "100% model" in which 100% of the funds raised for a project go directly into the field.  None of the funds raised come back to Hungry for Life in order to provide for the organization. This way Hungry for Life is not a burden on the churches that they partner with. Because of this model, all of Hungry for Life's staff have to raise their own financial support for the ministry that they do.

Zak is still in the process of raising support for his role with Hungry for Life and is seeking people who can partner with him and his family in this ministry. Please pray for his efforts to raise funds.

If you'd like to learn more about this ministry you can check out their website, If you are interested or feel called to financially support of Zak, please chat with him or visite is support website,

Soli Deo Gloria!
Pastor Bryan