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The Battle Against Busyness

Redeeming Life family,

Do you feel busy?  Would someone looking in on your life say, "Wow, you seem really rested; I wish I had your life?"

When you read the Bible, especially the gospels, do you feel like God is calling his people to be really busy?  Have you ever noticed how many times Jesus retreated from the ministry of the masses?  Ever realize how many times Jesus just hiked up a hill or went out in a boat or trecked across a garden to get away from all the 'work' so he could pray and commune with his Father?

Church, we are a busy gang.  We've adopted the habits of our culture. Sometimes that's good but sometimes that's bad.  In the case of having overloaded calendars, no rest, and just too much 'stuff,' that's bad.

I admit that I've led the charge into busyness.  I've shown you what it looks like to do too much.  And now I would like to lead us into battle against busyness.  I'd like Redeeming Life to wage war on being overloaded.  (You can read more of my thoughts on this here.)

This won't be easy.  We're up against our own sinful desires.  We'll have to face the pressures of society.  And at times, we'll need to point the cannons at things that actually look really good.  The battle against busyness is a messy, confusing one.  It's my prayer however, that in waging this war and keeping some open slots on our calendars we'll draw nearer to God.  It's my hope we'll have more time simply to be with people.  I pray we'll have well grounded, relaxed, Jesus-loving families.  And I absolutely desire that when outsiders look in, they'll say, "Wow, there's something different about you.  Please tell me what that is."  (And you will tell them about Jesus, the provider of your rest!)

As you look at your calendar, you should have only two regular things listed for Redeeming Life.  One is our Sunday night corporate worship service at 6:30 on Sunday nights (or maybe you come early to pray with us and help set up.)  The other is your House Fellowship.   We're working on removing the other 'stuff,' like the men's and women's nights.  And we'll battle to keep much of the 'stuff' off our calendars.   This, however, does not me that I don't want you getting together for meals, fellowship, service, and evangelism regularly. I just want you to do so as God leads, out of your rest and joy rather than obligations and busyness.

Please keep this matter in your prayers.  Pray for Redeeming Life.  And take a rest. Find your joy in Christ.

Soli Deo gloria!
Pastor Bryan

* The photo used in this post comes from and is used with permission.