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Kelly's Thoughts on Baptism Two Weeks Later

Baptism services are fun.  They remind us of our own baptism day.  They give us a profound reason to cheer as we celebrate with the people being baptized.  And we praise God and thank him for our salvation.  But the faithful Christian life is lived over the long haul, not in single high-points.  So Pastor Bryan asked Kelly Wilcox to share her feelings, now two weeks after being baptized.

Here's what she said:

"I'd like to thank everyone who helped make my baptist possible.  Daniel and Jay: thanks for bringing the baptismal font to the Redeeming Life fellowship hall.  Brett and Nicole: thank you for bringing the kids to be able to see me baptized, including my baby boy, Collin. Bryan: thanks for your excitement for me and preaching so boldly. And to my husband, Nathan:  thank you for your encouragement and being such an important part of bringing me back to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior.

"Honestly, immediately after being baptized, I wasn't quite sure what I was feeling.  I think I was expecting the feeling of salvation all over again, or acceptance into the fold of God, or something more profound than I've ever felt before.  But The Lord so graciously reminded me that those blessings are not merely feelings, but realities and that they have already been given to me through faith in Him.  Although there are many feelings accompanied with knowing I am a daughter of the living God, such as peace, love, joy, excitement, gratitude, humility, unworthiness - those are an overflow of the initial response, a reaction to the love that was first shown to me by our great God.

"I am grateful to The Lord that He allows His children to publicly proclaim our confidence in Him and His saving power through the act of baptism.  I am humbled knowing that nothing I do is of or for myself, but that my life is now that of devotion and obedience to HIm.  And although the beautiful memory of baptism continues to bless me, I am reminded that the acts we do for Jesus Christ are to be a blessing to others as well as to God Himself, not just a blessing to me only.

"Specifically, I know my husband, Nate, was blessed by being able to baptize me, and having our son, Collin, see it.  Collin has been saying all week, "Mommy, water!" And he loves watching the video, as I explain (in terms a 2 year old can understand) what mommy was doing in the water.  My brothers and sisters embraced me immediately after, and told me they were blessed and encouraged.  And what a blessing and encouragement that is to me, that they were touched by the testimony God has given me; that He continues to strengthen the word of my testimony everyday He walks alongside me!

"But none of this has any meaning unless God is given all glory, power, and all praise! Blessed be the name of The Lord forever and ever! Amen."