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Tracy on Her Husband's Baptism

On Sunday, August 24, I had the privilege of baptising Zak Harris.  Many of our Redeeming Life family were present and heard his confession.  Many of you have been walking along side Zak were able to cheer him on from the side of the baptism tank.  It was a good day.
I asked Zak's wife what she thought of the morning.  Her response is insightful and she gave me permission to share it.

Tracy Harris writes,  
I don’t know if words can explain the emotion that flooded through me on Sunday. Baptism has always been hard for me to see as anything other than being dunked in some cold water.  Even when I was baptized myself, I never understood why I didn’t have a flood of emotion or feel a miraculous anything when it happened.  I was still me, just a wet “me.”  But when Zak was standing up there on Sunday, reading his testimony, there was something different.  I realized that it wasn’t the water-dunking that was what made it miraculous.  It was the transformation that Christ had done in him prior to the water that made it miraculous.  I saw my husband, a man I respect and know to love God with all his heart, break into tears because of the inward brokenness that he knew had been mended by Christ’s death on the cross.  That was the miracle I witnessed.  Nothing that happened that morning was miraculous, except the realization that the man I was looking at had been transformed by the Gospel.  That Christ was, is, and always will be working a miracle in my husband and also in myself, as long as we are alive.  Nothing we do, nothing we’ve done could make us worthy to accept that sacrifice; it is a free gift. I had missed that for a long time, and now I understand what miracle I was looking for.  The miracle of change that begins the moment you give your life to Christ.  Baptism is the beautiful, outward expression of that change, and the fact that I was able to witness and support the leader of my family take this step and make this statement was the most beautiful of all. 
Indeed the miracle is what God does whinin us.  If God has done a miraculous work in you and you profess Jesus as your Lord and Savior but have not followed him in believer's baptism, you can.  We'll be having another baptist on Sunday night, September 21st.  If you'd like to be baptized, please let me know.

Soli Deo gloria!
Pastor Bryan