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God is on the Move at Redeeming Life!


God is on the move at Redeeming Life! Maybe you see it. It's small but excellent. Like when Jesus wrapped a towel around himself and washed his disciple's feet, our worship team is serving and loving one another as we've never seen on the worship team at Redeeming Life.

I don't know what the skill or quality of the music will be by man's standards, but I am convinced if this kind of love and unity continues and the rest of the body joins it, it will be some of the best worship I've ever experienced according to God's standards. The level of faith and courage required has been high, yet they are united in their task to put our faith-family's needs above their own.

Besides, what's happing on the stage is positioned only as support for what is happing in the congregation. The audience is God, and the choir is the church. The musicians seek to support the choir and help us all sing and worship before the Lord the very best that we can. There's not even a "lead singer." Anybody singing on the stage won't have an individual microphone and is only there to aid the body in the cues, and to spur them on to worship with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Yes, God is on the move at Redeeming Life Church. Please keep our little church in your prayers and pray that there's a great revival of the saints and an awaking of lost souls in Salt Lake and the surrounding area.

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman