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Building Flood


A huge storm blew through are area on Wednesday. In less than an hour it dumped .8” at the airport but over the course of two hours, Bountiful received 2.53” of rain. Our building is somewhere in between those two places and near the Great Salt Lake (where we get the lake effect in full force). The water came so fast that it overloaded the drainage system on top of our building and started pouring over the side of the building on the south side. Unfortunately, the point where it spilled over was right over (and in) our emergency exit.

After the Thursday night women’s Bible study at the building, Lisa discovered the flood in the small classroom and the children’s ministry storage closet. She and Kerryn Talbot (a friend and member of a sister church but attending the Bible study) jumped into action and moved all the furniture and storage. A couple cases of Jesus Storybook Bibles were damages and the organizer for the kid’s craft materials soaked up some water and warped. However, their help managed to greatly minimize the damage.

I ran over and picked up the Fall’s carpet cleaner. Kerryn loaned us a fan (to partner with our other two) to help dry out the building. The carpet cleaner sucked up more than 6 gallons of water (two days later). By Friday morning, the carpet seems nearly dry. It’s helpful that it’s short and there’s not a pad under it. We should be able to put the classroom and the storage closet back together before Sunday.

Please join me in thanking Kerryn Talbot. She lives in the area and attends Risen Life, however, she quickly jumped into action to stay late and help Lisa and I get this cleaned up. We are grateful for her heart to serve. Kerryn, you are an encouragement and a blessing. THANK YOU!

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan