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The Gospel in Light of Horrific News

The news of Makenzie Lueck’s disappearance and murder is hard to process. Not only is it difficult news, it’s confusing, alarming, and disheartening. The stories coming to us via the bombardment of never ending media streams are not only shaping the conversation in our community, they are exposing the depth of brokenness and depravity just under the surface.

As many as 500 women at the University of Utah using some kind of sugar baby app, as if relationships and sex could be a side gig no different than Lyft or Uber? A request to build a secret, sound-proof room? Meeting in a park at 3 AM? The horror of that fire? Surely more and more will pour in through the fervor of the media keeping the story nipping at our attention.

But this is not new and this is not unique to today’s tragic story. Most people in our community have strange, sinful skeletons in our closets. Without the gospel, we’re all dead bones, which makes the idea that you have a closet full of dead bones even more graphic. And most people, even if they don’t have a skeleton or two in hiding, have desires that could easily conceive sin that will grow up like a devouring dragon. We’re all just a bad decision away. Which is why we all need the gospel of Jesus Christ, every day, every hour.

In this video, I offer some thoughts about the Lueck tragedy. I also offer a way for you to get in touch with us if you have questions or need prayer. If you’re curious about how a Christian should respond to this situation or if you’re confused or concerned by it all, please, take a few moments and watch this video. And please, pray for our community. Plead with God that he will redeem our community.

It’s important that followers of Jesus know, live, and proclaim the Gospel, that is, the hope found only in Jesus Christ. The gospel is for Christians. If we don’t want to keep returning to our brokenness—like a dog returns to its vomit—we need to know and live the gospel. And by letting the gospel inform and direct our lives, the skeletons are evicted and we live in God’s design more and more, rather than in brokenness. That’s a beautiful gift bought with the blood of Jesus.

Here’s a video explaining how we, as followers of Jesus Christ, can preach the gospel to ourselves every day and in every situation. Knowing how allows us to live in the Truth of God’s Word and helps us share it with those broken inside who need the light beamed into the dark spots in their soul.

Redeeming Life exists to know, live, and proclaim the gospel. We are trying to be a light in our community and a blessing to our neighbors. We don’t always get that right, be we are trying because we hope to see our community redeemed by the power of the gospel. We’d like to encourage you to be our guest for a Sunday worship service. We meet at 11 AM. Or reach out to us with your questions or prayer requests. We are happy to pray with you.

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman
Redeeming Life Church