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The Commands of Christ: "Repent and Believe" (Mark 1:14-15)

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We’ve begun a new series at Redeeming Life Church. It’s called “The Commands of Christ” and it’s a journey through some of the things Jesus commanded Christians to do. The title comes from Matthew 28:20, which is the often forgotten part of the Great Commission. In the first part, Jesus tells his people to go into all the nations and make disciples and baptize them. But there’s more! The second part of the commission says, “and teach them all that I have commanded.” If we are called to teach all that Jesus commanded, we should probably know all that Jesus commanded. That’s what this series is all about.

In the first sermon in the series, Pastor Bryan Catherman opened to Mark 1:14-15 to explore Jesus’ command to repent and believe. In this sermon, he also provides some examples from the Bible, from history, and from a modern-day Christian so we might see what it would look like to repent and believe. Listen to his sermon, “Repent and Believe” here:

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