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We're Switching to the CSB


After much prayer, research, and discussion, we're making the switch to the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation. There are a number of reasons, but its readability is towards the top of the list. This doesn't mean you need to get a new Bible, just that Pastor Bryan will be preaching from the CSB and our pew Bibles will be of the same translation. This video has more info and a look at the new Bible. 

This will start on April 14th, Palm Sunday, in our new series, "This is Easter."

Here’s a little more detail about why we’re making the switch:

1. The CSB is easier to read and a little smoother. We believe it will help our youth and those who struggle to read.

2. The ESV was first put out in 2001 and utilized Nestle-Aland 27th edition for the Greek manuscripts. Based on new finds and a great deal of academic work, an update has happened (NA 28). The CSB, published in 2017, utilizes these updates and notes.

3. Like many Bible translations, the CSB seeks to conform to the Colorado Springs Guidelines regarding when it is appropriate to use gender-neutral words and when it is not. ( We think the CSB has--from what we've reviewed thus far--done a nice job of this.

4. The CSB is a Holman/LifeWay product so we'd be supporting a ministry that some of our Cooperative Program dollars go to. We'd be supporting a ministry within our denomination.

5. The CBS fixed a bunch of HCSB things Pastor Bryan really didn't care for. (You can read more about that here:

6. The CSB Study Bible is like an updated ESV Study Bible. It utilizes many of the same scholars and has a "somewhat" reformed bent like the ESV. There are a couple dispensational scholars who contributed to a couple OT books, but there's similar stuff in the ESV study Bible. Thus far, Pastor Bryan has found the CSB Study Bible to be a rather good resource for study and growth.

7. The CSB is endorsed and encouraged by many pastors and scholars we respect, to include David Platt, Allister Begg, Robert Plummer, Ron Edmondson, Daniel Akin, David Dockery, Dhati Lewis, Jared Wilson, Tony Evans, Kyle Idleman, and J. D. Greer.

Here is a great article by a pastor who made the switch. We found it helpful and informative:  “Why We Are Moving to the CSB at Redeemer Church.

And finally, here's video that share a little more about what the CSB is about.