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2018 End of Year Statements


It's that time of year again. . . tax time. End of Year Statements for 2018 are ready. If you've given $0.01 or more to any deductible or non-deductible fund at Redeeming Life Church, there's a statement ready for you.

Realm--our online communication system--has already emailed statements to every person on Realm with an email address.

In the next couple days, we will stuff, stamp and mail envelopes containing your statement to the address on your checks or your address listed in Realm on January 14, 2019.

If you have a Realm account with Redeeming Life and would like to run a report of your giving or print your statement, you may do so on the giving page of Realm.

To print your statement, go to "Giving." On the giving page, you should see some filter options. (It likely says, "Year to Date.") Select that option and set the filter to "Last Year." Then hit the blue Filter button. You should see the total amount you gave in 2018. Then click the button that looks like a printer. When the box opens, hit "Print." It will pull up your statement and from there you can download it as a .pdf file or print a hard copy.

We have a statement or two that does not have an address. We'll likely hand deliver it to you at our morning worship gathering on Sunday.

Thank you for your faithful giving. It's the Spirit of God working inside of you and that's a wonderful thing.

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan