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"Back to the Fundamentals" (Exodus 20:3)


When it comes to the Christian Journey, we want to be in the game, on the field, but we’re often sitting the bench because we don’t practice the fundamentals of the Christian life. Exodus 20:3 commands that God’s people should not have affection for any other Gods but the Triune God of the Bible. In many other Scriptures throughout the Bible we are instructed to love God with everything we are: with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. But in our day and age, we don’t know how to love, live life together in meaningful relationships, or be close to God. How can we love God if we have no idea how? We must get back to the fundamentals of the Christian Journey.

Listen to Pastor Bryan’s sermon about how to get back to the fundamentals. He even gives us a simple list of next steps to get us started.

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