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Gen-X and Millennial Breakfast

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There are many opinions about Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention annual meetings.  Some good; some not-so-good.  But that doesn't really matter.  It's a new day.

On behalf of the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention Gen-X Convention Officers, I am hosting a free breakfast at The Point Church before the 2018 UISBC annual meeting this year.  

Together, with Pastor Matt McGuikin (Calvary Baptist Church and UISBC President), Pastor Corey Hodges (The Point Church and UISBC 2nd VP), and Gen-X Board Members, we want to network with Gen-X and Millennial pastors, messengers, leaders, and guests.  We want to hear your ideas and dreams for the UISBC for the next 30 years.  We've spent enough time looking back at the problems, places were things fell short, and preferences we didn't care for.  It's time to start looking forward into the future of the convention.  If your church is a part of the UISBC you have a seat at the table, especially if you're a messenger.  It's our convention, how can we steward it for God's glory and advancing Kingdom in Utah and Idaho?  Let's eat some food, coffee up, and discuss ways we can, together, do more with our collaborative work through the UISBC for God’s Kingdom throughout Utah and Idaho. 

If you’re planning on attending (and if you're a Gen-X or Millennial leader, messenger, or guest I think you should), and you want food, please complete the registration.  

Registration Form

Here’s a brief video for the Gen-Xers and Millennials who need changing shots and artsy visuals (or you just don't like to read):

You really need to consider joining this Breakfast Club. 

In addition, I encourage you to stay for the UISBC Annual Meeting.  We have at least 4 sermons from Acts 18 planned this year.  Our theme comes from God's instruction to Paul not to be silent. Sean Patrick (Risen Life and Worship Catalyst Leader for Utah and Idaho) is assembling a worship team from UISBC Worship Leaders for 3 of our 4 worship sessions, and The Point Church will lead us in, what I’m sure will be a "get up off your seat" evening session of worship.  Plus, we’ll have 4 sessions of guided, corporate prayer times.  

If you can, come as a messenger from your church and let your voice be herd at the annual meeting too.  (Messenger is just the older word given to the representatives from the local churches to the convention.) We're shooting to conduct what necessary business needs conducted and then get a much time in the Word of God, worship, fellowship, and prayer together as we can. 

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman
Redeeming Life Church

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