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Millennials Don't Want Faith? Nonsense!


I've heard it many times before.  "Christianity was for previous generations, but it's not for ours."   People argue that it's not relevant today.  They argue that Christianity is for grandma and grandpa, but the times are changing.   

First, God is the same today as he has been since he created the world and will be forever.  Second, what makes today's young people think they have grown beyond a faith that people have held onto for 2,000 years, that's built on a faith in God that's a few thousand years older than that?  And third, while that may be the feeling elsewhere, I don't see it that idea playing out at Redeeming Life Church. 

I was blessed to watch four young families dedicate themselves to raising their babies in the way of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Our faith-family agreed to walk this journey with them and hold them accountable.   This happened on Sunday.  Two Sundays before, I witnessed three people get baptized.  One man in his 60's, one in his 20's, and a boy in single digits.  Beside each of the people getting baptized, there were at least 2 people participating in conducting the baptism.  None of those conducting the baptisms (except me MCing) were over 30.  And upwards of 40% of the people at our worship services move to the children's ministry area (or are already there in the nursery) when I dismiss the kids and teachers after our time of musical worship.   We also have a thriving group of young adults gathering on Sunday and throughout the week.  When I survey the faith-family at Redeeming Life Church, I see lots of younger people taking Jesus seriously. 

But we are not a church of all young people.   We have people in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, and 90's.  In fact, we have a family of 5-generations worshiping with us, from Nana all the way down to her little toddling great-great-grandson. 

I'm hopeful and encouraged that so many young people love Jesus at Redeeming Life Church.  If not, I might be fooled into believing the lie that today's young people don't want Jesus or faith.  Sure, there are many who don't know any better, but let's not broad-brush the millennial generation.  There are still many faithful, millennial Christians.  I am blessed to pastor them and enjoy life in our faith-family together.  

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman