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Easter Series: God Forsaken -- Sinners Redeemed


This Easter season, we journeyed through a 4-part series focuses on forsakenness.  So Jesus was forsaken; what's the big deal?  It's a big deal, as we hope you'll see as you journey through this series with us.  We also looked at why Easter is so much more than a one-day event.  For the Christian, Easter is everyday.   Listen to the series below.  

Psalm 22 -- Listen Here
3/25/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

"God Forsaken" 
Mark 15:34 -- Listen Here 
3/30/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

"How Long, O Lord?" 
Psalm 13 -- Listen Here
4/1/2018, Sunrise Service, Pastor Bryan Catherman

"Sinners Redeemed!" 
John 21:15-19 -- Listen Here
4/1/2018, Pastor Bryan Catherman

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