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Redeeming Life: LIVE 4/10/2018


We're still experimenting with various ways to use technology to connect (on some level) to discuss God's Word, theology, cultural issues, and more.  This week we simultaneously streamed in YouTube and Facebook using two separate systems.  We've got work to do with both, but we're getting there.  (We need to set up controlled shots on the Mevo so the auto editor/producer doesn't think a shot of Pastor Bryan's hands or stomach might be interesting.) 

This week on Redeeming Life: LIVE Pastor Bryan and Pastor Derek addressed questions in Revelation.  Who are the angels of the churches?  What's up with that?  How do we keep what's in the book of Revelation and what does that really mean?  We also took questions that lead us to a discussion about the lostness of Utah, why we don't believe members of the LDS church are within the definition of biblical Christianity, how we should use biblical terminology, and even a brief discussion on the value of having a garden.  


Our next Redeeming Life: LIVE session will be Saturday, April 21st at 8am MST.  Mark your calendars.  If you have questions you'd like discussed, text them to (385) 368-6665 or sent them to Pastor Bryan.