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Sarah Powers -- Church Planting Missionary to Utah


We are thrilled to introduce you to a church-planting missionary that we're bringing on to our team to see Salt Lake redeemed by the power of the gospel. Her name is Sarah Powers. Sarah, Adam her husband, and their family are in the process of raising support and making the move to Salt Lake to work with Redeeming Life Church.

Now, before you freak out when you think about a woman involved in church-planting, I'd like to explain and expand on that thought.

Sarah has no intention of becoming an elder or preaching at Redeeming Life Church, or anywhere for that matter. But she does have a heart and call for mission work, specifically in Utah. However, there's a bit of a problem. Typically, if a woman is not the wife of a church-planter there's not as much opportunity for her to serve as a missionary or serve in church planting within our denomination (the Southern Baptist Convention) or with our church-planting network (the Send Network with the North American Mission Board). One of the great strengths of our denomination and network, however, is locally autonomous churches working together to reach the world for Christ. So we think with the help of other churches and people inside and outside our tribe, we can find a way to support women doing missionary work in the United State.

We've created a fund to help support women in church planting and missionary work. We wanted to name it after Annie Armstrong or Lottie Moon (two amazing women with remarkable hearts and calls for mission work) but those names were already taken. Therefore, we're calling our fund the 16:1 Support Fund, after Romans 16:1. In that verse, the Apostle Paul charged the church in Rome to commend our sister, Phoebe, a servant for the church. In the following verse, Paul also instructed the church to welcome her in the Lord and help her in whatever she may need from them.

I'm asking you to pray for this effort, for Sarah, and for her family. I'm also asking you to consider supporting Sarah and her mission. In the coming days, she'll likely have some ways you can follow her journey via email or social media. You might even consider coming out to Salt Lake for a short-term mission trip to work with Sarah and our team at Redeeming Life. And I'm asking you to support her and this mission financially.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or Sarah if you have questions or comments.

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman
Redeeming Life Church
Salt Lake City, Utah

Three ways to give to our 16:1 Support Fund:

1. You may send a check, made out to "Redeeming Life Church" with "16:1 Support Fund" in the memo line. Mail the check to:

Redeeming Life Church
901 Nocturne Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

2. Make a donation on Realm, our online communication system by following visiting (Please select the 16:1 Support Fund in drop-down option). This is a secure system and allows you to set up reoccurring donations, too.

3. Text "RLC 161Fund $(amount you desire to give)" to 73256. The system will send you a temporary, secure link so you can complete the transaction and receive a receipt.

Thank you for your support!