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Vision Sunday, 2017

Vision Sunday 2017.jpg

This Sunday is Vision Sunday. We do it every year. Some might say it's silly, but I disagree. Knowing that we will stand in the pulpit and share a plan for the coming year causes me to start praying for God's vision in June. I think about it. I discuss it. I think about it some more. I pray. I pray some more. And an amazing thing happens--God shares his vision for our church.

It was evident last year that our church needed to spend intentional time learning (some of us learning again) what it actually means to love God. How do we really abide in Jesus? What does our relationship look like with the Lord? Is it about what we do for him or him for us, or is it about how we love him and he for us? It was a good year of growth for our church. Could I have done more to help you? Of course. So we'll continue to push into learning to love God this year as we march on in our Christian Journey at Redeeming Life.

As Pastor Brett and I were praying through this, it became apparent that we need to lead our church in learning how to love our neighbor. We need to be a church that loves people. (I am embarrassed to say it, but it didn't hit me that our mission is to Love God, Love People, Make Disciples, and Multiple Churches. God finally got my attention about a week later. It seems he's just keeping us on track!)

On Sunday, Pastor Brett and I will step up to the pulpit together to discuss Matthew 20: 37-40 and what that will mean for our church this year.

It's our prayer that we will be a church that learns to love people well. I hope that loving people will mean we are blessing people and we'll be able to look back on this next year and call it, "A Year of Blessing." Also, Pastor Brett and Pastor Derek and working hard to develop a roadmap and some training to help our church on the Christian Journey. I'm very proud of what I'm seeing, and I can hardly wait to share it with you. I hope you'll join us on Sunday to worship the Lord, celebrate how far he has brought us, and hear where we believe God is taking us in the future.

In the meantime, here's a brief video with more to chew on.

For the Kingdom! 
Pastor Bryan Catherman