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A Reaction to Racism?

Redeeming Life family, 

If you are on social media, I suspect you've seen or read a lot of talk about Charlottesville, racism, white supremacy, and a full boat-load of opinions.  Recent issues in our nation have sparked some strong reactions.  Late-night talkshow hosts seem to have become the nation's moral barometer.  But they are not alone.  Christians are fired up.  I received texts on Saturday night encouraging me to re-write my sermon and preach against racism.  Many Christians leaders, denominations, and church planting organizations called for the Church to take political action or address the issues of current events.  Some leaders were even saying that if your pastor didn't preach about Charlottesville, it was time to leave that local church and find another.  To that specific idea, I'd like to suggest that pastors should preach the Bible and how God speaks into these issues.  To the pressured urgency, I'd like to remind our church that this is not a new problem and in the scope of eternity, the Gospel is where the solution is found.  So while racism is wrong, I'm going to preach the gospel.

All that to say, it's not enough just to get angry and blast away on social media.  It's not enough just to say racism is wrong.  We need to know what God has to say about it and what God calls us to do about it. 

I recognize that problem of racism over the last year or more has been complex and challenging.  As your pastor, I have a duty to help you understand what the Bible says about these events.  I also have a responsibility to equip you to be able to talk about these developments through a biblical lens.  

Racism is wrong, but let's talk about why and what God has to say about racism.  Let's talk about what God would have us do about racism.  

I pray this 10-minute video help you understand why God says racism is wrong and gives you some steps to take biblical action.   


As Christians, we should have cool heads because God is much bigger than this and we have no reason for a freakout.  As Christians, we should point people to biblical Truth in these matters.  As Christians, we should have a message of hope for a world looking for the Love and Peace of Jesus Christ.  And as Christians, we should have Jesus' heart for all races, nations, and languages.  

Pastor Brett and I are here to help you if you would like to discuss this further or have questions.  Let's not contribute more crazy to this crazy time.  Let's be the salt and light Jesus has called us to be as Kingdom ambassadors.

For the Kingdom! 
Pastor Bryan