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Worship and the Weekend (John 4:23-24)

With the weekend quickly approaching, you probably find yourself thinking about what you are going to do. Many of us have kids or local family, and we do our best to plan our weekends around these people. We go to pools, parks, dinners, BBQ’s, movies, or maybe we just sit home and relax. Whatever it is that we do, allow me to challenge your thinking for a minute.

Where does worship fit into your weekend? As I mentioned, many of us plan our weekends out and pack them full of fun activities or simple “leisurely nothingness.” But do we ever take the time to plan out how we will worship on the weekend? Because, catch this, we all worship throughout the weekend, and no I’m not just talking about our “Sunday morning worship."

Whatever has our “awe,” has our worship, and if we aren’t careful, we’ll give our worship to all kinds of crazy stuff. Often times we do it without even realizing we are doing it.

So, with all that said, I just want to encourage you guys to think deeply about your upcoming weekend (and even your upcoming weeks, months, years, etc.) and consider what you might be giving your worship to.

God, being the good and amazing God that He is, has created all kinds of ways for us to worship Him. So, don’t cancel your pool parties, BBQ’s, movies, or whatever it is you do on the weekend, and know that you can worship God in all of those things. Just ask yourself these questions:

“How can God get glory and praise out of what I’m doing?”

“What is good, beautiful, and true in this activity, and how can I worship God more because of it?”

“How amazing is it that God created and designed this (pool, BBQ, steak, art, etc.), that I might be able to recognize, enjoy, and worship Him more?!”

Worship well this weekend. See you Sunday!
Pastor Derek Earl