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Guidance: He Shows Us Our Steps

Photo by Bartosz Gorlewicz.

Photo by Bartosz Gorlewicz.

Working through a series called, "The Disciplined Christian Life," we've been looking at a variety of spiritual disciplines.  These disciplines, or practices, are tools that help us draw closer to God.   First we looked at the importance of fellowship with Christ and his people.  Then we started driving into a ways to communicate with God, hearing from him.  Study creates a longing for God, realizing that without God, we die.  Then we pray, because prayer changes us and prepares us to submit to God.  His ways are higher than our ways and when we submit to his ways, he starts giving us direction for our lives.  This direction, and more significantly, understanding this direction, is a spiritual discipline called guidance. 

Psalm 37:23 says, "The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way."  

Notice some things.  First, this verse is a conditional statement.  God will give direction when we delight in God's way.  Second, the direction is set by God, not us.  We don't say, "I want to go this way, is that cool with you God?" And third, notice that God establishes steps. The verse does not say God gives an entire road map for those who delight in his way.  It's rare that God says "Go to Nineveh."  Is common that he says, "Go," and then only provides the next step and the provision for a short walk.  We want to know the final destination, but he only gives us just enough. Sometimes it's only a single step.  

This Sunday, we'll be looking at this verse, closely.  How do we know God's direction?  Are there things we can do to hear a little more clearly?  Are there things we can do to know God's guidance better?  The answer is yes.  

You don't have to feel lost as you seek to know God's will.  Come worship with us this Sunday as we explore what it means to let God order our steps.  We meet for prayer at 10am and the worship service starts at 11.  See you Sunday! 

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman