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Waiting for Jesus and Growing the Kingdom

Are we drifting through the Christian life?  Probably.  But this is not what Jesus called us to do.  Jesus told his disciples to “Stay dressed for action” in Luke 12:35.  And after the cross and resurrection, he commands that we “go” and advance the Kingdom.  This charge is for the God’s Kingdom within us as well as the coming Kingdom around us.  

This week Pastor Derek preached from Luke 12:35-48 on expecting Jesus and advancing the Kingdom.  It’s highly worth the time if you missed worshiping us.  You can listen to it here.  This text, within it’s context is a charge to live for the Kingdom of God now, not drifting, not floundering.  God is asking us to join him in his mission, and it’s good for us to be with Jesus in this way.  Really good!

The Great Commission is the charge to expand the Kingdom all over the globe, but that charge starts with us.  We too must continue to learn and grow in our relationship with God.  One way is to know God better and love him more.  The spiritual disciplines drive us to know God better.  They move us closer to God.  

James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”  The spiritual disciplines are practices to help you draw near to God and grow God’s Kingdom within your soul.  This Sunday, we are starting a Summer series called, “The Disciplined Christian Life.” It’s intended to help you draw near to God and allow his Kingdom to take more ground in your soul.  I hope you’ll join us and see great growth in your spiritual journey this summer. 

For the Kingdom!  
Pastor Bryan Catherman