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Make Disciples: Be Fruitful and Multiply


In Genesis 1:28, God commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply.  After the great flood, God told Noah to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 9:1 and Genesis 9:7).  God tells Jacob to be fruitful and multiply because many nations and kings will come from Jacob's line (Genesis 35:11).  Many years later, God told the people of Israel (through Jeremiah) that he would bring them back from exile and they should be fruitful and multiply (Jeremiah 23:3).

God wants the earth filled with worshipers, to bring God great glory throughout the heavens and earth.  Psalm 22:27 and Psalm 86:9 are but a very small sample of Scriptures that prove that God wants a holy family populated all over the planet.  

Yet when we look at the state of the Church in America, most people panic and fear that the Church is dying or even already dead.  Millions of words have been written about how people don't like Sunday services anymore.  There is overwhelming worry.  It forces us to question if God really will have people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.  But Revelation 7:9-10 assures us that God will have a great multitude of worshipers from all over the globe. In addition, the Kingdom of God is advancing at a rapid rate all over the world (just not in our nation of apathetic believers).  God's plan will not fail. 

As we reach the New Testament, Jesus gives us the same command.  He tells us to be fruitful and multiply, only he uses different language.  He says, "make disciples."  That's Jesus way of saying he wants the Kingdom populated.  He's asking us to be fruitful and multiply Kingdom citizens.  Through us, God is populating heaven. 

Now, God raised the first human, Adam, up from dirt.  He could have easily raised up many more people from more dirt, and there's plenty of dirt on the earth.  Instead, God asks us to join him to populate the earth.  Physical brith and physical multiplication.  We get to play a part in physically populating the earth.  It's fun, but it's tainted by sin.  God also asks us to join him in populating Heaven.  Spiritual birth.  God could have also simply saved people without us; but instead, we get to be a part of this process too. We get to play a part in populating heaven!  It's called making disciples.  Making disciples is fun, but it too can be tainted by sin.  

Why would God do it this way? 

Just like the growth that comes through raising children, God is asking you to join him in making disciples because it draws you closer to him.  It teaches you many things about yourself, others, and about God.  God is calling you to join him.  Are you willing to come along?  God is asking us to be fruitful and multiply.  He is asking us to make disciples.  Come join him! 

You can listen the sermon on this from last Sunday by following this link.   

For the Kingdom! 
Pastor Bryan