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Enter: The King (Matthew 21:1-11)

This week Derek is preaching on the day Jesus came to Jerusalem and everybody was excited. It was a huge deal.  Likely, it was the biggest parade many of the people had ever seen.  It was fit for a king.  Some were singing, some were laying palm branches down like a red carpet for his mule.  New York goes nuts when a wining team comes home.  They throw paper out the windows.  I wonder what they would do if Jesus came to New York?   

Many churches will talk about Jesus' Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday, the day that Jesus' Passion Week kicks off, but we want more time to discuss the events of that week before Easter so we're looking at the triumphal entry this Sunday.  It's part of our March to the Cross series that started with Christmas and ends on Easter. 

In addition, as we seek to develop leaders, they get opportunities to preach sermons from time to time.  As they do this, our staff talks about the text and share ideas.  I'm excited for Derek to be preaching again and I'm thankful that you, Redeeming Life Church, help us develop future leaders and pastors.  

Derek wrote the following for the bulletin and I'd like to share it here too:  

"Let’s play a hypothetical game. Suppose you had been keeping a secret--you are the rightful landowner of every square-inch of your entire neighborhood. Not only do you own the land, but you also have executive authority over every inhabitant on the land. Put simply, you are the King of your community.  And no one knows.  Now it’s time to let the “cat out of the bag,” and tell everyone. How would you do it? Flyers? TV announcement? Town hall meeting?  

"Jesus told the world (not just his community or neighborhood) that He was the King. There are 4 different accounts of this announcement in the Bible but I’ll urge you to read Matthew’s in Chapter 21. You will see that Jesus announced his kingship in a way that was quite unexpected.  At first the received him with praises, overjoyed that the King had finally come, shouting, “Hosanna! Hosanna!”  Of course we know that a week later these same people shouted for his crucifixion and death!"  

Here are some questions to help facilitate a conversation in your one-on-one groups and Fellowship Groups: 

1. How often do we cry out for Jesus to save us, either from our situations, problems, or misfortunes only to reject him when he shows up in a way that we did not expect?

2. Have you ever been looking forward to something or someone new only to be let down because your expectations weren't met? 

3. Has Jesus ever answered your prayers in a completely unexpected way or in a way that you did not want?

4. What should it tell you when you are disappointed with Jesus because he didn't do what you wanted him to do?  How can we shift our lives and expectations so they are in line with how the Bible says we should know and submit to Jesus?  

I hope these discussion questions are thought provoking and helpful this week as you meet for discipleship in your one-on-one and Fellowship Groups. 

For the Kingdom! 
Pastor Bryan