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As we continue to journey our way through the minor prophets, we now have Haggai.  No longer are we dealing with the coming threat of the Army of Babylon.  The exile has happened, the Persians conquered Babylon, and the Jewish people have returned to rebuild Jerusalem.  However, for nearly 15 years, the temple sat in ruin with no attention.  God had a problem with this and spoke through Haggai.  

As we look in the short book of Haggai, just two chapters, we find that the people had neglected their end of the covenant that God made with them generations before.  They would be God's people, and he would be their God, dwelling among them.  However, the temple was his dwelling place, and all they cared about was their own dwellings.  Even worse, the people were apathetic, filled with character issues, and half-hearted.  To use modern vernacular, they were living for God on Sunday and living for themselves the other six days.  God said this attitude would only end up corrupting Sunday too.  

This Sunday, I'll be opening up the book of Haggai to discuss this in more detail.  Like I have with all of the minor prophets, I'll offer some background about Haggai and the people, and then we'll look at how God's message in Haggai speaks to us today.  I'll also go into more details and field your questions on Tuesday night during Redeeming Life: LIVE

In the meantime, here's an excellent overview of the book of Haggai. 

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For the Kingdom! 
Pastor Bryan Catherman