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The Best Is...Here!

 This Sunday we will be looking at John 2:1-11 which happens to be the account of Jesus' first miracle; turning water into wine. This is a fairly well known story and chances are that many of you may be familiar with this narrative. However, I'd still like to encourage you to take a few minutes this week to get alone with God, read the narrative, and ask Him what the text demands of your life. 

The Old Testament writers and prophets had long foretold that the Messiah was yet to come. It makes me think of the phrase we hear a lot today: "the best is yet to come!" and how we usually seem to be looking forward to something in hopes that it's better than our current reality. Well, the beautiful gospel truth of this passage is this: the best is here! The best we could ever hope for is Jesus and He's here and He's calling us to believe in Him today.

In this short account, John describes the scene where Jesus subtly and quietly announces to the world that the best is here! All that the prophets have foretold for centuries is now not only fulfilled but also alive and in the flesh! (John 1:14)

This is just the beginning of Jesus' earthly ministry but this story is a beautiful reminder that we can live every day in the joy of knowing the best is here and it's only found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. All true joy, peace, hope, and purpose are now completely and singularly found in Jesus. The question is: do you believe in Jesus? If so, are you like the servants in this story that are willing to do whatever He says?

I look forward to worshipping with you all on Sunday and hearing from the Lord through His Word together!

- Pastor Brett Ricley

Here are a few study questions to dig into the text on your own this week (also found in the Serendipity Bible):

1. What is the craziest thing you have seen at a wedding or wedding reception?

2. Who do you identify with most in this narrative: Jesus? Mary? the servants? the disciples? The master of the banquet? Why?

3. Jesus was not known as a miracle worker yet, so why did Mary approach him (v.3)? How does Jesus respond?

4. What do you think was the result of this event in the lives of the disciples? What does it change in  you?

5. How is Jesus' power shown here and for what purpose?

6. What ismeant by the wor "sign" to describe the miracle? What signs did God use to bring you to Christ?

7. In what way could Jesus bring celebration back into your life today?