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Wanted: Missionary Worship Leader/Pastor

Redeeming Life Church has been so blessed by those who can play and lead worship.  When we started as a Bible study, and then into our season as an evening worship service at our sending church, we had Daniel Graves.  Daniel, while not called to plant with us in our area of the city, was used well by God to lead our worship in those early days.  Then, in the absence of a called worship leader, Pastor Brett stepped in.  As we grew in the Community Center and worked hard to reach our community with the Gospel, Pastor Brett ran well with that ball.  He can play, lead, and even develop teams, but it is clearly not his calling.  So we were thankful when God brought us Derek Earl.  Derek has helped us grow the worship team and get settled into our morning worship service, but like Brett, God has other things planned for Derek.  So that leaves us here. 

We are praying that God will bring us a called, totally sold-out to Jesus, mature, missionary who also happens to have a musical ability and a passion for worship.  We are in need of someone who can teach and preach the Word of God through music and prayer as well as reach the lost and encourage the found.  And for the sake of working well together, agreement with our mission, values, and theology is important too

What's the gig pay?  If this is your leading question, there's a good chance you're not going to be a good fit.  

That being said, we understand that compensation is a reasonable question.   We are a new church and none of our worship leaders have been financially compensated apart from an occasional gift card here and there to say thank you.  However, we're not opposed to having a conversation to see what God might be doing with the possibilities.  Me and Pastor Brett both raise support from outside this church to help cover salaries and ministry expenses.  Maybe being a self-supported missionary worship leader is what God's calling you to do?  Or maybe it's a bi-vocational opportunity, or even a volunteer thing?  Or maybe there could be a stipend or even a full salary if God is calling others to financially partner with us in God's mission for Salt Lake.  We don't know.  We're praying about it and hope you'll join us in prayer. 

We know the opportunities are great.  Beyond our Sunday morning worship service, we are planning on having a more casual evening service on Sunday nights.  We will also host of House of Prayer night on Mondays that could be greatly enhanced with live worship music.  Occasional worship nights could be so great too.  And because we value team ministry and multiplication there will be many opportunities to develop teams and other leaders for our church, other local churches, and even future church plants.  We're also open to the ideas God may bring with the worship leader.  And did I mention that we're moving into a new full-time space and have a blank canvas in regard to AV and sound?  (If this is exciting to you, God might be calling you to be our next worship leader.  Or maybe our AV person?)    

If you're interested in partnering with us, either in person or from afar, you can find more information about how do to that here. If you know someone who God might be calling to this for a season, please don't hesitate to share this info. And if God might be whispering in your ear to contact me about being our worship leader, I look forward to hearing from you. 

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan