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Welcome to the Redeeming Life Family!


Please join me in welcoming Brandon Meyers, Josiah Walker, and Krystyl Walker into covenant membership with us at Redeeming Life!  

Covenant membership at Redeeming Life Church means that we, as a group of believing, baptized, disciples of Jesus Christ have covenanted together to be a local expression of Jesus’ Kingdom (a.k.a, a local church).  This covenant is an agreement between the members that we agree to walk with each other in our growth journey toward Christ-likeness and Christian maturity.  We place ourselves under the authority of Scripture and affirm our doctrinal statements.  We agree to help one another, laugh together, cry together, help train up each other, and rebuke each other when necessary.  It is also a covenant of commitment to our local faith family.

The other covenant members of Redeeming Life include:
Lisa Catherman
Brett Ricley
Nicole Ricley
Theresa Fall
Ed Fall
Benjamin Pierce
Berlynn Pierce
Jay Workman
Tracy Harris
Zachariah Harris
Derek Earl
Nina Earl    

I serve as our Elder and our borrowed Elders are Kevin Lund, Robert Marshall, and Glen Apgar (all three also serving as Elders at Risen Life Church).  

Welcome to the Redeeming Life family Brandon, Josiah, and Krystyl! 

Pastor Bryan Catherman