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Faith Gone Wrong: When We Just Can't Wait

Sarah, Abraham's wife lived an interesting life in team with Abraham.  She was with Abraham every step of the way; and in some cases, she was required to take some big steps of faith.  She was on the receiving end of many of Abraham's mistakes.  She was right there with him growing old, waiting for God's promises.  When the angles visited Abraham, she was there in the tent, hearing and considering those same promises. And there she is, listed among the faithful in Hebrews 11.  

Hebrews 11:11 is an interesting verse, loaded with textual difficulties.  And yet it summarizes the impossible we see demonstrated in Sarah's life. Could you imagine the news if a 90-year-old woman had a child in our day?  Christians and Jews are still talking about the 90-year-old woman who had a baby thousands and thousands of years ago.  

Despite the promise and the One who gave that promise, Sarah had trouble trusting God.  As the time was ticking away, she hatched a terrible plan that cost her a great deal.  She thought might be good if her husband had a child with another woman.  Bad idea!  In the end, that woman and child caused Sarah a great deal of heartache and we are suffering the consequences of the war between these two children that's still raging today.  

It can be difficult to trust God in his timing, but believing his promises require that we believe and trust his timing. 

We'll be talking about Sarah and waiting on the Lord this Sunday.   Come join us ready to worship and respond to God.  

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan