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Annie Armstrong's Help in Salt Lake City?

Redeeming Life, 

I remember when I first joined a baptist church and heard about a special offering called the Annie Armstrong offering.  I had been a Christian for a while but really didn't know who Annie Armstrong was or what the offering was being collected for.  Talk about the irony!  

Here we are today with our largest ministry partner (NAMB's Send Netword) supported by the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. In addition we have the Women's Mission Union (WMU) considering partnering with our effort to see the west side of Salt Lake redeemed by the power of the gospel.  The WMU might be our guest at Church in a few weeks. 

So who was Annie Armstrong?  In the simplest summary, she was highly influential in missions within the United States.  That's why the offering is named after her.  She also founded the WMU as an auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention.  Here's a brief, informative video about Annie Armstrong:   

Miss Annie Armstrong should be an inspiration to missionaries like us who are living in her legacy.  But what is this offering about?  The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is traditionally collected on Easter.  We chose not to take up an Annie Armstrong Easter Offering on Easter; however, this is not to say we do not want to make this offering an option to you.  I'll tell you how you can give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering after these two videos (how's that for sounding like an infomercial.  You can just skip down if you're not interested in learning more about the offering): 

First, how about hearing about this offering from someone you might know?  He's been our guest and he's my friend. Dr. Travis Kerns, Send Network Coordinator to Salt Lake:  

And here's a promotional video about the Annie Armstrong Easter offering made a couple years ago that does a nice job showing you what this offering is and even how it relates to us:

If you'd like to give to the Annie Armstrong Offering, please write a check to Redeeming Life Church with "Annie Armstrong" listed in the memo line and 100% will be given NAMB through the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention. . . from our church.  Or you can give directly to the Annie Armstrong Offering online by following this link

One more thing?  Why in the world would a church plant who is receiving support from the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering give to Annie Armstrong?  First, because we want to be a church who supports church planting and that is what this offering does.  Second, because long after we stop receiving support, we will be a supporting new missional churches so we should get in the habit now.  Third, because it's an act of faithfulness.  And finally, because it's the right thing to do.  

So if you are feeling called to give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (even though it's past Easter) please, do! 

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan Catherman