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30 Days of Prayer: Will You Join Us?

"There can be no communion with a holy God, no fellowship between heaven and earth, no power for the salvation of souls, unless time is set apart for it." - Andrew Murray

Beginning January 1st, Redeeming Life Church will be joining many other churches around the Utah valley in a collective and unified initiative of prayer. While we will each be practicing prayer in a variety of ways throughout the next 30 days, the goal for all of us remains the same: to increase our capacity for daily prayer that cultivates intimacy with the Father and has a profound impact on our city, our state, the nation, and the world; all for the glory of God!

We will begin this initiative on January 1st. We will also be providing a weekly prompt on a specific aspect of prayer. This will be posted here on our website as well as on our Facebook page. Along with each topic will be specific and tangible ways to begin implementing prayer into your daily routines effectively. The 4 topics will be:
   1. Too Busy Not to Pray (Jan. 1)
   2. Turn Your Problems into Prayer (Jan. 8)
   3. Bold Prayer (Jan. 15)
   4. Best Practices (Jan. 22)

Will you join us? 

If you said yes, and I hope you did, here are some suggestions to make the most out of the next 30 days:

1. Commit to Praying Every Day. 
Like any commitment, if you commit to it for a period of 30 days it typically turns into a habit. What better habit to pick up in 2017 than an effective lifestyle of daily prayer?!

2. Utilize the "Prayer Essentials" bookmark.
These are free and available at the building. Please take one for you and a few to give to others!

3. Practice praying daily with others.
This could be your spouse, family, and/or kids. If you're single, get together with others (same gender) and pray together and for each other.

4. Interact with others on The City.
We'd love to hear what God is teaching you throughout this process. We also believe God speaks to us through the convictions and personal journey of others as well. Please feel free to share your insights, convictions, comments, favorite prayers or Scriptures, or questions on The City in our prayer group: House of Prayer.

5. Attend a Prayer & Worship Gathering!
Our couple churches who are participating in this will be hosting various prayer and worship events at three different locations in the month of January. I’d like to encourage you to go to at least two, especially the one that Redeeming Life is hosting!