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The Sacrifice of the Magi

This Christmas, I hope you demonstrate the faith of the shepherds who heard a message from God and not only believed, but acted on it.  I also hope you are able to demonstrate the faith of the wise men we often call Magi.  Somehow, they too heard a message from God and acted on it, but in the process, they invested a great deal of their time, talent, and treasure to seek out a baby they had never met -- Jesus.  Why would they do such a thing?  Because Jesus is worth it! 

Here's a brief video with more to think about: 

What have you invested in order to worship Jesus?  How much of your time are you giving to find Jesus, to spend time with Jesus, and to worship him?  Are you giving your talent to Jesus?  What treasure are you giving to him?  

As you think about the wise men in light of how much they gave up, let yourself be amazed.  How many of us would put two or three years of our life on hold to seek Jesus? How many of us would travel into the unknown to worship the King of Kings?  And they risked their lives.  When Herod found out they had tricked him by not returning to tell him where Jesus was, Herod had every baby boy under the age of two killed. (See Matthew 2:16-18.)  I'm sure he desired to kill the wise men too. That's scary. 

We don't know how much gold. frankincense, or myrrh they gave to Jesus, but we know they gave it to Jesus.  They gave him expensive gifts not because they wanted to bring glory upon themselves, but because they knew Jesus was worth it. 

Do you believe Jesus is wroth it?  

If you are unsure if Jesus is worth it, I want to encourage you to journey with us for a while and see.  We'd love to help you.  We'd love to share resources with you and answer questions and pray with you.  We don't expect you to do anything other than come and see.  Because we believe Jesus is wroth it and he wants us to join him in his mission to reach others, we're here for you. 

If you do indeed believe Jesus is worth it, what are you doing about it?  Are you going to see, like the shepherds.  Are you making a great journey like the Magi?  What time, talents, and treasures are you giving to Jesus?  Do those around you see your love of Jesus in your actions and sacrifices?  In your worship?  

As you look at Matthew 2:1-12, know that you too can follow the example of the Magi.  You to can trust that God will lead you to find Jesus.  You just have to believe and act on his instructions.  And when you find Jesus, may you be compelled to worship him and serve him and love him and praise him and shower him with gifts.  Because he is worth it! 

Merry Christmas!
Pastor Bryan Catherman

P.S> Join us for our Eve of Eve Service, December 23rd at 6:30pm.  2070 N. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.