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Mobilizing Disciples - An Update for Leviticus 26


At Redeeming Life Church, it's our mission to make, mature, and mobilize disciples across Salt Lake, Utah, our nation, and to the ends of the earth.  This means that as a member of our faith family, you understand that it won't always be our lead Pastor in the pulpit.  It won't always be the same people leading worship.  It won't always be our Pastors leading prayer.  Our interns will do a variety of things, as well many others in our faith family.  Both Pastor Bryan and Pastor Brett work in team with others to equip the saints for the work of ministry and we hope you will do the same.  

This week, Derek Earl is preaching from Leviticus 26.  

As we head into the new year, you will likely see Pastor Brett doing more in the pulpit.  And you may see those he is disciplining leading in other ways.  You will likely see others in the pulpit, too.  And you'll notice others leading House of Prayer.  Of course, you will see others leading worship too as that's already begun to be a place for growing leaders.  And how about the children's sermon?  Is God calling you to preach the gospel?  

We are also looking to see our faith family become missionaries in every place they live, work, and play.  We pray to equip you to be a disciple-making missionary! 

Pastor Bryan and Pastor Brett are continually in prayer to see many, many disciples maturing into fantastic ministry roles were God has has them.  We are praying for disciple-makers to have opportunities to minister in remarkable ways to the disciples they are making, maybe even by planting churches.  This is one way we hope to see Salt Lake redeemed by the power of the gospel.   

Please keep Derek Earl in your prayers as he prepares to share God's Word with us.  Keep Ming Slogar in your prayers too.  He'll be leading worship.  And Josiah Walker.  He's preaching the children's sermon and facilitating our worship service.  (Maybe you haven't noticed, but Pastor Bryan and Pastor Brett will be at the worship service, but in the seats as worshipers next to you.) 

For the Kingdom! 
Pastor Bryan Catherman