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Leviticus 25 and Jubilee

Leviticus 25 is an amazing picture of redemption.  It's a story of God's love for healthy community and good stewardship.  It's a picture of Jesus' for you and me. 

At first glance, it would seem that Chapter 25 is about the poor. And many being a good steward of the land.  There are many verses about having compassion for the poor.  There are instructions against unfair lending practices.  There are real estate rules.  And there's even an instruction for a financial reset every 50 years.  But it's about much more than caring for the poor. 

First, we see in Leviticus 25:23 that all the land is the Lord's.  It's on loan to the people and God expects that the people will not only remember that, but be willing to share what isn't even theirs in the first place.  In addition, there is a great blessing that comes to the one who can care for the poor.  Is there someone you can be a redeemer to?  

God is concerned about the health of the community.  Nobody should end up so low that he can't recover.  And at the same time, nobody can gain more wealth in land than he should have.  Every 50 years, the land reverts back to the families and tribes that it was originally given too (with the exception of property within walled cities).  

But what is really spectacular is how much this chapter points us to Jesus, the ultimate redeemer.  I'll be discussing this on Sunday.  I hope you'll join us.

For the Kingdom!
Pastor Bryan  

In addition, here's a few more thoughts on the chapter.