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Our God Will Fight For Us! - Nehemiah 4

Redeeming Life Family, 

Nehemiah 4 should be encouragement for anyone serving God in the face of opposition.  In Nehemiah 4, the work was getting done when the bullies came around.  Sanballat and Tobiah start jeering at the Jews and their jeers aren't even that great.  Yet their presence seemed to have a halting effect upon the people.  Maybe you can relate.  If you're living the life the Bible asks of the believer, you will experience opposition, discouragement, and bullies.  But fear not!  Nehemiah 4 shows us what to do.  

 First, be ready to do the work God called you to do with a shovel in one hand and sword in the other.  Be flexible and ready to do whatever it takes to get the mission done. 

Second, remember that God fights for his people.  If you are working in a tough situation and God is the one who put you there, he's in your corner.  He's ready to do battle on your behalf.

And finally, remember who called you to the task in the first place.  When Sanballat was poking fun, he was really poking a stick at a powerful lion.  Actually,  that analogy is  not even close.  Sanballat stood against the one who created the universe with a word.  When we think of it in correct terms, it just looks silly.  We have absolute no reason to fear.   

Lisa and I are enjoying some time off, which reminds me that God is in the mission even when we're away.  Brett is preaching Nehemiah 4 this week and I'm sure his sermon will be encouraging and informative.  Keep him and the worship team in your prayers.  In addition, be encouraged by the one who called you!  

You are a blessing.  See you next week! 
Pastor Bryan