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As you continue to grow in your understanding of the Christian faith, we will provide you with a series of video-based teachings from our pastors and staff that walk you through the foundational elements of the Christian life which include:

1) What is the Gospel?
2) How Do I Study the Bible?
3) What Do We Believe?

In addition, here are the three primary categories that will help you begin to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Listen to a sermon on "Loving God" here.

Know God's Word

We believe the Bible is God’s Word.  The Bible is our primary text and final authority for our faith and practice.  We believe it is through the Bible’s message that we come to know Jesus and grow in him.  We desire to faithfully teach the Bible in all settings and groups inside and outside the church.

Listen to Pastor Bryan's sermon on "Knowing God's Word" here.

Looking for Bible reading plans, bible study tools, or other resources? 

Worship with the faith family

Our goal for each service, as well as each day of our lives, is to grow closer to Christ and worship him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. In addition, we believe it is vital to stay connected to others for the purpose of unity, community, and fellowship.

Listen to Derek Earl's sermon on "Worshipping with the Faith Family" here.

Every Sunday we gather at 9:45 AM for Bible Study and Prayer and at 11 AM for our Worship Service. We hope you'll join us!

Fellowship with believers

As we seek to grow closer to Jesus and see his transforming power in our lives, we must be devoted to the Word of God, prayer, breaking bread, blessing our community, and fellowship with others.  

One way to help us do this is to meet together throughout the week in smaller groups. We call these Fellowship Groups.

Listen to Pastor Bryan's sermon on "Fellowshipping with Believers" here.