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START HERE: How to Study the Bible

Anyone can study the Bible well. Pastor Bryan Catherman shares a simple Bible study system that allows a student of the Bible to study the Bible well and continue to incorporate more study tools as he or she learns and grows. He also shares a bookmark he and Brett Ricley developed from Howard Hendrick's book "Living by the Book"

With all the different kids of study Bibles on the market, how does a person pick a good one? Bryan Catherman walks through the different kinds of study Bibles and offers some insight to help you select a good study Bible. For more information, please visit

Reading the Bible is a good start, but according to Psalm 1:2, it's not enough. Pastor Bryan Catherman shares why.

RECOMMENDED: Read Scripture Bible Reading Plan & Phone App

The Read Scripture app was developed by the Bible Project and they've done a fantastic job developing videos for every book of the Bible coordinated with their reading plan. If you haven't read through the Bible before, or if you have tried and given up, we encourage you to read through it using the Read Scripture Bible Reading plan in conjunction with the Bible Project videos.

RECOMMENDED: Right Now Media

Pastor Bryan Catherman gives Redeeming Life a little live tour through Right Now Media. It's a great resource, and if you're at Redeeming Life Church, it's free to use and definitely worth checking out!